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2022 Photo Contest - FULL RULES

Dernière mise à jour : 8 sept. 2022

Article 1 – Organiser

The company Vin et Terre SARL, no. SIRET 797 997 491, headoffice in VILLENAVE D'ORNON (33140) 11 Rue du Professeur Demons (hereinafter referred to as the organiser), is organising a photo contest entitled «Ma Jarre en Scène» from October 14th to October 24th, 2022 included.

Article 2 – Participants

This competition is open to any prived person of legal age or legal entity. Persons directly involved in the organization, production, implementation, promotion and facilitation of the competition must not participate. Participation in the contest is free.

Article 3 – How to Participate Participants must post on Instagram, from October 14th 00:01 to October 24th, 2022 midnight, a photograph of a jar Vin et Terre. Participants must indicate : the required hashtags of the contest #VinetTerre and #MaJarreEnScene2022 • the name of the winery • any other caption, hashtag and comment. At any time, the participant is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

Article 4 – Specificity of photographs Participants must ensure that the following conditions are met when publishing their photograph : - a Vin&Terre jar should be the main theme of photograph, - photographs must be in jpeg or png format - the photographs published must be free of right

- If the photograph represents other persons (adults or children), the participant must have obtained the authorization of that person or of the parents of the child, in particular in order to allow the organisers of the contest to use this photograph.

- Photographs must not in any way prejudice any person and must not constitute a contempt of morality, an incitement to the commission of crimes or offences, any provocation or discrimination, hatred or violence. Similarly, photographs of nude or partially naked persons are not permitted. Nude jars are accepted.

The photographs will be moderated and selected if necessary beforehand by the organiser.

By participating in the contest, each candidate accepts that their photograph can be freely distributed and exploited on the digital media of the company Vin et Terre; the Facebook page ( and the website ( on which the photographs of the participants may be shared.

The size and quality recommendations of the photographs on Instagram are :

- 1080 x 1080 pixels for a square photo

- 1080 x 566 for horizontal photo

- 1080 x 1350 for vertical photo

Article 5 – Staffing and Selection of Winners

Users will be able to vote on Instagram for their favorite photo. Voting is open from 14th to 24th October 2022 midnight.

- The photo that received the most votes will be awarded the «1st prize of the public» and will win a new Satine 200L with valve and stainless steel pallet. Lot value : €1,100 excluding VAT. Transport is not included.

- The photo coming in second position according to the number of likes will be awarded the «2nd prize of the public» and will win a new Zen of 80L with stainless steel pallet. Lot value : 600€ excluding VAT. Transport is not included.

Any photo that would have received likes from fictitious accounts or any participant that would have purchased likes will be disqualified.

The cost of transporting the goods will be borne by the winner. Prizes are non-transferable. They must be accepted as presented.

The winner will be notified individually, by any means available to the organiser. The results will be posted on the Vin et Terre website, Facebook and Instagram page no later than October 28th, 2022.

If the winner does not make his claim within 30 days of the day he was contacted, he will no longer be allowed to claim his winning prize. In this case the prize will not be assigned.

Article 6 – Responsibilities

The organiser will not be held liable in case of malfunction of participation mode in this competition, linked to the characteristics of the Internet itself ; in this case, the participants will claim any compensation of any kind.

Instagram and Meta group are in no way involved in the organization and promotion of this contest. Consequently, they liability cannot be held in the event of a complaint.

Article 7 – French Data Protection Act

In accordance with the provisions of the French Data Protection Act of 6th January 1978, as amended by the Law of 6th August 2004, the information collected to participate in the competition is intended exclusively for the organiser.

The data collected for this purpose are mandatory to participate in the competition. Therefore, those who wish to delete this data before the end of the contest will not be able to participate.

The winner expressly authorises the organiser to reproduce and freely publish on the information documents related to this competition the identity of the winner, namely the initials of his last name, his first name and the postal code of his place of residence (commune), and the winery name if applicable. This acceptance is valid for 12 months from the announcement of the winners. All participants in the competition also have the right to access, rectify and delete their data on written request to the following address : 35 Allée de Mégévie 33170 GRADIGNAN, France

The rules will be available to everyone on the website, on the facebook/amphores page and on the Vin et Terre Instagram page.

Section 8 – Acceptance of these rules

Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of this Regulation.

Failure to provide information or misrepresenting identity or address will automatically result in the member’s elimination. The organiser reserves the right to check the accuracy of the information provided by the participants.

Participation in the contest also allows the company Vin et Terre to use the photographs published for commercial purposes, on the American, African, European, Oceanic and Asian continents, until January 2050.

Articles 9 – Reservations

The organiser cannot be held responsible if, for any reasons beyond his control, this contest has to be modified, postponed or cancelled in whole or in part. His liability cannot be held and no compensation could be claimed. The organiser reserves the right to invalidate at any time and without notice the participation of any participant who has not complied with these rules.

The entire Vin et Terre team is counting on you to make us laugh and/or surprise us with your originality and fantasy. Good luck to all!

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