950 L


Salt glaze stoneware 

The salt glaze finishing on the outside only makes cleaning easy and does not change the porosity.

  • Uprightness, minerality, freshness, purity

  • Delicacy and lightness

  • Respect of the varietal and quality of the fruit

  • Authenticity of aromas

  • With stoneware lid and adapted stainless steel support

  • Optional : Stainless steel lid

  • Thickness about 4 cm

Manufactured according to the proportions of the gold number Phi and thanks to its double ovoid convection, Divine will help you to to your best wine.

Natural clay allows direct contact with wine

Smooth on the inside for easy cleaning

Reduced micro-oxygenation

The stoneware pottery comes from a clay rich in silica fired at high temperature. With Chinese ceramic experts, Vin & Terre has combined these ancestral and unique techniques to design its range of stoneware containers.

Containers are made by binding several layers of raw clay made with moulds. Vin & Terre designs the shapes of the jars. Yunqiao, ceramist engineer ensures the manufacture. Our pieces are unique, their brands and models are protected.


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