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The natural cradle of your wine

Natural stoneware jars for ageing and winemaking

Capacities from 80 to 1200L

Out of love for wine and for you, the winegrowers, Vin et Terre has been developing a range of natural stoneware jars (silica from the Sichuan valley) for the past 10 years.
These jars have a long history of containing wine, oils and other foodstuffs.
By keeping their clay structure and equipping them with accessories, we have made them evolve towards ovoid, spherical or elliptical shapes to

allow your wines to express themselves fully.

The human touch

Like wine making, it is human touch that shapes each of our jars. A true artisanal know-how in the greatest respect of traditions. Just as each wine is unique, each jar is unique.


Natural Stoneware

For delicate and fresh wines

With a lower porosity than terracotta, stoneware is particularly suitable for delicate white and red wines, crystalline wines with a fine aroma.

Conceived and designed by Vin et Terre, our range of containers benefits from the ancestral and unique Chinese craft industry. 

Uprightness, minerality

Shine & vibration

Slight micro-oxygenation


Natural clay

Vin et Terre has chosen a ceramic based on natural clay extracted directly from a quarry.


Our clay has a thousand-year-old history and is worked by hand by potters with ancestral know-how in food containers.


Our jars have a batch number which ensures the traceability from the clay extracted from the quarry to the amphora in your cellar.

Our jars meet the European directives for ceramics intended for food contact


We often speak of "Amphorae" when we talk about maturing or vinification in terracotta containers, but in reality these are not the containers in which the wine is made.


An amphora is only a small step in the long history of the jar and yet it is the word you have chosen to define these containers.

Hundreds of customers trust us


"With these jars, I recovered the pure expression of the fruit of my vines. "

Château de Piote

"It is fascinating to taste how the stoneware jar  carves out wines that are so different, but just as exciting as in barrels.

Domaine de Juchépie
Tire pé.png

"Ageing in jars is the natural continuation of my search for a pure and authentic expression of my wines. "

Château Tire Pé

Earth, a choice by nature

The porosity of the jar offers the must and wine regular oxygenation, like the oak barrel, but unlike the latter, it does not give it any taste or smell. It rounds out the tannins.

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