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The Vin et Terre jars do not have any coating to ensure direct contact of the wine with the material, thus favouring a moderate and natural micro-oxygenation. 

Each level is made with the help of a mould and then assembled by hand, which allows the structure to be reinforced while maintaining a certain regularity. However, the pieces remain unique and the size, colour and volume may vary slightly depending on the potter. 


Stoneware produces straight, mineral, fresh, pure, delicate and light wines, respecting the grape variety, the quality of the fruit and the authenticity of the aromas.

Vin & Terre designs the shapes of the jars and Yunqiao, a ceramic engineer, produces them.

The composition of our clay is as follows* :
SiO2 62.56% | Al2O3 18.29% | Fe2O3 7.09% | TlO2 0.02% | CaO 0.28% | MgO 0.80% | K2O 2.22% | Na2O 0.11% | LOl 6.46%

*updated with each new extraction


Stoneware from Sichuan





320 liters

500 liters

115 cm

132 cm

90 cm

130 kg

106 cm

200 kg

1000 liters

150 cm

127 cm

250 kg

Walls approx. 2.5cm thick

Provided with : 

Stoneware lid, silicone seal and closure system, stainless steel valve (Macon 40 thread), tasting tap, stainless steel pallet

Optional : 

stainless steel lid, aseptic glass bung, double valve with decanting elbow on 1000 liters Coralie.

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