From 500 to 1200L

  • Uprightness, minerality, freshness, purity

  • Delicacy and lightness

  • Respect of the varietal and quality of the fruit

  • Authenticity of aromas

  • Stainless steel pallet

  • Equipped with : Stoneware lid, silicone seal and closing sytem, stainless steel valve 

  • Option : Stainless steel lid, double valve with decander elbow, tasting tap

  • Thickness about 2.5 cm

Natural clay ensure direct contact with wine

Smooth on the inside for easy cleaning

Reduced micro-oxygenation

The stoneware pottery comes from a clay rich in silica fired at high temperature. With Chinese ceramic experts, Vin & Terre has combined these ancestral and unique techniques to design its range of stoneware containers.

Containers are made by binding several layers of raw clay made with moulds. Vin & Terre designs the shapes of the jars. Yunqiao, ceramist engineer ensures the manufacture. Our pieces are unique, their brands and models are protected.

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