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Rediscover the energy of the Earth ! !


Volume : 360 L
Weight :  300 kg
Supplied with :
granite lid, silicone seal and stopper,
stainless steel locking system,
stainless steel pallet

Dazzling crystalline texture  

Granite is a plutonic rock with a grainy texture ( hence its name ).
It is a magmatic stone rich in quartz, feldspar and mica : the more quartz there is, the harder it is.
It was formed deep in the Earth by the slow crystallisation of magma.


It is not subject to the wear and tear of time.
It is an immutable rock with an earthly base that provides anchorage and firmness.
Granite is a durable material, with a Mohs hardness scale of 6 out of 10.
Highly resistant to water absorption.

Timeless and unique

This material is over 300 million years old.


· Energy, purity, tension
· Ionising, even electrifying, bringing a certain petulance to the wine
· Limpidity, brilliance
· Finesse and silkiness.
Its crystalline structure has a favourable effect on ionic activity. This encourages the development
of many secondary and tertiary aromas.
It has great thermal inertia (for example, it is used as ice cubes for whisky)

Tests : tested for food contact and non-radioactive ( certificate available on request ).


density : 2.69 g/cm3 | compressive strength : 1400 kg/cm2 | porosity : 0.06
thermal conductivity : 2.812 W/m.K. | water absorption : 0.33 %.

Origin : Hubei province (near Beijing), the quarry is close to the workshop.

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